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Snagged these two pairs and hat for Roo right as we were getting ready to leave–couldn’t resist!

The Fam’s Shoes & Sis’ Hat c/o Shoe Carnival // Mom’s Tee // Mom’s Leggings // Mom’s Hat // Ring

This post was sponsored by Shoe Carnival but you’d best believe these opinions are all MY own

In light of our summer coming to close (I know–tragic isn’t it), I wanted to give a little family update as we are on the brink of M A N Y changes here in the near future.  First and foremost, this summer has been one of my absolute favorites.  And truly for no particular reason other than I just felt like the four of us had a L O T of phenomenal quality time.  Something I was intentional about as we await the arrival of the 5th Chappo.  John and I opted to put a new spin on the agenda this summer and purposely didn’t plan a ton for the gals because 1.  We have enough on our plate as is (Baby, House Build, etc) which equates to CHA-CHING and 2.  Sometimes those low key, minimal agenda summers turn out to be the best.  And it has been no doubt.  We kicked it off with a trip to Dallas to visit our in laws, sprinkled it with a ton of sleepovers, playdates, pool dates, basketball camp, gymnastics, reading, a visit to Chicago and Lexington to visit the old crew, and rounded it out with a PHENOMENAL trip to the mountains outside of Asheville, NC to celebrate my parent’s 50th anniversary and our FIRST anniversary–a Kelly Family Reunion if you will.  We are all very anxious for the arrival of Pip (no name…S T I L L) as well as our new home which is scheduled for completion in December.  Needless to say, it’s a very exciting time in the Chappo household.  New baby and abode aside, let us chat up what the kids are R E A L L Y looking forward to, shall we?  Back to School shopping of course!  And our first stop was at Shoe Carnival.

Because what does one do when a summer for the books is coming to a close?  What’s the silver lining if you will?  No doubts it’s getting all geared up for the new school year with a little back to school shopping!   And leave it to Shoe Carnival to serve up not only a R E A L L Y great dose of back to school sneaks, but also, a R E A L L Y fun shopping experience for the bunnies…truly, gang…I was really stoked to share this post because I felt like we hit the motherload!  The gals and I hit up our local Shoe Carnival last week in search of some new kicks…specifically some Converse and maybe a side of Nike’s for mom…shocker.  And what we found were not only some amazing Kicks for us, but also one heckuva D E A L..  Not to mention they play amazing 80s jams (Wham, MJ, Janet) so you know mom was a happy chap!  The dang sky opened up while we were there and the employees were just so accommodating and helpful….complete with a golf umbrella and a place for Roo to do her cartwheels—have I not mentioned that she will (and does) do cartwheels any and E V E R Y W H E R E?  Needless to say, we will definitely be hitting it up in the future when we need to restock our situation…..I seriously couldn’t get over the fact that we scored F I V E pairs of athletic shoes (including these Nike’s).

Moral of the story slash post, enjoy these last few weeks of summer with those you love.  Time most definitely flies by but my hope is that we all stop and take it in and soak it up with those we love most….while wearing our ridiculously fly kicks from Shoe Carnival ; )  Cheers to your week, gang…make it a most memorable one!

Photos Courtesy of Meagan Gilbert

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