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blazer (Ann Taylor, mother’s from the ’80s, try sizing up THIS BLAZER), tshirt (Zara), jeans (DL 1961 CRAZY GOOD SALE!), heels (J.Crew), hat (J.Crew EXTRA 40% OFF, may snake THIS ONE, too), bag (Michael Kors), rings (Anna Beck, David Yurman), phone cover (J.Crew), bracelets (J.Crew, Sylvia Benson c/o), watch (Cartier)

Over the holidays I took a spontaneous (solo) roadtrip to see the folks in FLA for a few days.  Wouldn’t you know my mother took full advantage of me having a car (or rather an empty trunk) to send me back to KY with essentially EVERY piece of childhood memorabilia known to man.  We’re talking middle school yearbooks, love letters to my high school boyfriend (beyond hysterical), art projects, prom corsages (who saves those anyhow), sorority bid day nonsense—you name it, it came back to the KY–no seriously, she sent me back with a cast from when I broke a bone as a kid—kinda weird, and yet Campbell sleeps with it at night—kid is so damn funny.  
The plus side; however, to my mother’s purge was that I got to snag a few of her old school gems that she no longer wears.  Now, my mom isn’t as crazy of a clothes horse as I, but she prided herself on having a few key beautiful pieces of which I blatantly snaked and brought back home with me—case in point, this blazer.  Shoulder pads, gold buttons, and an oversized typical 80s fit–shut it, I’m in love.  I can’t go crazy over the top old school from head to toe so I opted to modernize the blazer with a loose fitting tee, Distressed Denim (on MAJOR SALE), some LEO HEELS, and a gold wrist.  Combine all of these elements and we’ve elevated this sucker to modern day, right?  Stay tuned later this week for a little Aunt Mary Jane Closet issue—pit stopped in the ATL to visit my mother’s sis and sure did clean house in her closets, too!  Alright gang, cheers to a fab start to the week!  

PS:  yes, that’s snow, and I’m the jackhole freezing my hind off while waiting for KT to get her settings all squared away—snap to it, sis!  Stay tuned for pretty funny outtakes during this session–we got hammered by wind & snow!


photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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