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Oh goodness, gang, has this post been a long one in the making!  We’ll get to the new site revamp here in a bit, but first, how ’bout a little status update on yours truly.

Where to begin?  Well, as many of you all may know, the bunnies and I relocated from Lexington to Indianapolis a little over a month ago.  Excitement and Anxiety would be the best two words to describe my thoughts surrounding the move.  Plucking the gals from their norm, hell, plucking me from my norm was a smidge nerve wracking needless to say.  But there was a certain someone  that made this next chapter oh so exciting.  That was with us every step of the process.  That helped me pack up all 200+ pairs of shoes and Lord knows how many stuffed animals, barbies, etc.  That took us on a most wonderful Cruise as a way to end one adventure and begin another.  That has loved Chase and Campell as though they’re his very own right from the start.  That asked Chase for my hand in marriage (as well as my folks) prior to proposing–Cam was clearly kept outta the loop because she’s a dang narc!  You see, it takes a very special person to take on a party of 3 when you’re used to being a party of 1 and do so without hesitation.  But “Special” just scratches the surface when describing my soon-to-be husband.  He’s everything I never knew I wanted.  He’s exactly what I’ve needed.  He’s what we’ve needed.  Quite simply, he’s been our missing link.  We adore you, John, and have from the moment you walked into our lives (Dangit, I’m getting all teary over here while he sits next to me playing his damn video game not having a dang clue why I’m all emotional).

Ok, so engagement-slash-move was a success clearly.  We’re totally settled into our new rental digs while we start the Home Building Process..which I cannot wait to share with you all.  We’re building a Modern Farmhouse and are currently in the design phase so we’ve got a ways to go…but the process is so dang exciting.  More on that as we progress for sure.  The gals are doing wonderfully at their new school—it’s the most quaint little school in a very precious neighborhood.  Their teachers are such gems so we have truly lucked out!   I have to say, and I remember this when I moved to Lexington, it’s always fun to discover a new town and its peeps, and I’m definitely diggin’ the Indy vibe.

And finally, onto the new site!!  Hot Damn has this been a long time coming!!  I searched high and low for a graphic designer that would get exactly where I was coming from and when I say Verisage delivered–they damn sure did deliver!  They understood my vibe and my needs for s + s moving forward and were crazy EFFICIENT.  Like, put my efficiency to shame.  And they can speak to Tech Challenged gals like myself…I know essentially nothing when it comes to tech but McKenzie was a complete peach to work with.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Verisage–truly, gang, an enormous thanks to McKenzie and the crew!

Be sure to take a gander around the site…I hope you’ll find it’s cleaner, more user friendly, and has better organized content.  For instance, I’ve categorized posts that are home, family, or travel focused.  There’s also now a Newsletter to the right you can subscribe to and a fun little  SHOP  featuring some of my fave finds and current craves.  Have fun, play around, and keep coming back for more, gang!  It goes without saying that this upgrade wouldn’t have taken place if it wasn’t for the readers, so to you all, I send an enormous THANK YOU!  Just a very blessed gal overall and I couldn’t be more appreciative if I tried.  Make it a great one, gang, and feel free to give candid feedback below!

photos courtesy of Meagan Gilbert


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  1. Yay! Congrats all around!! So much good news – good for you! 🙂

    The site looks beautiful. My only quibble – and it might just be my aging, 46 year old eyes, but the font is awfully small. Any chance you could bump it up?

    1. Thank you Danielle!! ok, yes–let me see what I (and I mean my graphic designer b/c I’m moronic when it comes to this stuff) can do…we don’t want you squinting now do we?!?

  2. I always look forward to your posts and commentary. You’re not only adorable but very witty. And I LOVE your hair. So sharp. Congrats on everything!

    1. Awe, thank you so much Jen!! And even more thanks on the hair–I’m not over the moon about it these days so your compliment is very welcomed—it’s this damn water in Indy–too hard for my locks 😐

  3. This is fabulous (both the new site and your new chapter)! I’m beyond happy for you and your family… Can’t wait to see more about the modern farmhouse. xo Kristy

    1. Oh thank you Kristy!! Your sentiments are terribly sweet and so appreciated–truly! I’ll def plan on keeping y’all updated on the farmhouse once we break ground!! xx–b

  4. First time commenting, but I love your Instagram and snaps! Sight looks fabulous just like you! Congrats on your new life!

    1. oh thank you, Pam–so glad you like the site! and goodness, I’m primarily idiotic on my snaps so apologies in advance–glad you enjoy nonetheless! xx–b

  5. Love your new site!! I’m a former Indy girl and lucky you, it’s a fab place to live! I enjoy following your adventures and must admit I’m a serious “hair” admirer! You’re style is the BEST! Good luck with everything!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I’m definitely loving the city—we’re living in zionsville which I absolutely adore–so charming! I’ll do my best to keep giving you the locks you love ; )

  6. Huge Congrats and best of luck! The refresh is, well, refreshing! Light, clean and easy to navigate.
    Sincerely, a Graphic Designer : )

  7. Looks great Beth! Congratulations on all the new blessings in your life! I’ve been following you for a couple of years now and am so happy to see you and your girls doing so well. I also follow your snaps and I must say…you are hilarious which I never knew before snapchat…LOL! Best of luck to you and your family in your new adventures. I look forward to hearing all about the wedding and the farmhouse. xo Sandy

    1. Haaaa!! Thanks, Sandy—and by hilarious, did you mean completely idiotic and moronic!?!?! Nevertheless, sincerest thanks for your well wishes and for continuing to follow along–I def plan to keep y’all posted on all the goodness we have coming our way this year! Hugs from Indy! xx–b

  8. Beth – Love, love, love the new site! I check in every few days and today I was like What Happened?!! What a great year for you and your family. Thanks for making me try harder with fashion, love it when you go converse and ripped jeans.
    Much Success!

    1. Oh thanks, Holly!! so glad you like–and thank GOODNESS you’re diggin’ the ripped jeans-meets-sneaks look or hells, I’d be outta a gig!! Cheers to the weekend and Hugs from Indy!


  9. I have so loved your fashion blogs, reading about your family and, like many of us juggling it all. Your new site is amazing, so happy for your success but mostly the joy you have starting your new happily ever life.

    1. Oh Debra—thank you so much, dear! What lovely, heartfelt feedback! Yes–juggling is indeed what we all do (as i sit here typing this in day old sweats and hair that isn’t fit for the public) isn’t it?!? Sincerest thanks again for stopping by the new site and your kind words!! Cheers to the weekend! xx–b

  10. Hi Beth, I love your blog! Congratulations on your engagement and the move to Indy. I have a quick question on your BlankNYC jeans, I ordered and returned a pair in my normal size due to it not fitting my thighs very well(I’m a runner). My lower half is built pretty much like yours and I wonder if I just got a bad pair, Did you size up or go with your normal size? Thank you!

    1. Hi Julie!! Thank you so much–appreciate your well wishes! I actually got my normal size—were yours the boyfriend fit?? I just realized there’s a BF fit and also a BF slim fit….I just got the slim ones in the mail as well and they’re snugger on the thigh!
      Hope that helps!