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Betcha y’all thought I fell off the face of the planet, eh?  Kinda…not so much…just needed to regroup, refresh, and go off the grid for a smidge and boy was it good for the ‘ole soul!  We all know it’s important to unplug but I haven’t done it in quite a bit and this little sesh was a wonderful reminder about how important it is for us gals to unwind and just step away from the grind now and again.  I highly recommend!

Another recommendation?  Kids, let’s get our Sneaks game up to speed this spring!  Hot Dang, Nordstrom is (yet again) serving up a stellar Sneak Selection and I just can’t seem to get enough.  From these Suede Adidas, to these (higher end) Golden Goose, Nordstrom has something at every price point.  Y’all know I’ve been sporting this trend for ages (hello, 2013), and I fully intend to sport the Sneaks with all shades of Skirts and Dresses this Spring and Summer…one of my absolute fave uniforms!  I’ll tell you which pair I’ve got my eye on is these Red Suedes…so dang fun!   Feel free to shop some of my top sneak picks from Nordstrom by clicking on the pics below!  Cheers to your Wednesday, gang, make it a great one!

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  All Opinions expressed herein are my own.

Photos by Meagan Gilbert


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  1. Do the Adidas gazelles run true to size? Seems like I looked into them a while ago and they ran big. Please advise. Thanks!